Articles By Tamara Cross

1)  Delay Tactics Used by Residents in Unlawful Detainer Trials And Ways to Avoid Them (2008) by Tamara Cross

Article Preview:  Many community owners and managers have been through the unlawful detainer process. Not all of them, however, have encountered just how different and difficult one unlawful detainer action can be from another with regards to time frames, discovery and even trial. If you are luck, your encounter with an unlawful detainer action took approximately three to four weeks and ended nicely in a default judgement without the need to go to court. This article will walk you through the non-default unlawful detainer action and address some of the opinions that resident/tenants have to delay the process and to make the unlawful detainer action a long, expensive experience.

In discussing the difficult unlawful detainer trial, this article will address the delay tactics taken by residents and their attorneys, the defenses raised to complicate the issues, and finally, suggestions on how best to avoid these delays.

Article Preview:  Under both federal and state laws, owners of manufactured home communities and their agents are prohibited from discriminating against disabled individuals in the renting of homesites, spaces or community-owned manufactured homes. Discrimination against disabled individuals includes not only the refusal of an owner to make reasonable accommodations to allow disabled individuals an equal opportunity to fully use and enjoy the premises.

3)  California Megan’s Law Updates: Landlords Must Know Obligations and Limitations (2005) by Tamara Cross

 Article Preview: A recent change in California’s Megan’s Law now allows public access to specific information about registered sex offenders in California via the internet through the website This website provides photographs, addresses, and offenses of registered sex offenders in California. New accessibility requirements emphasize the dilemma already faced by landlord regarding the responsibilities landlords have when they receive notice that a potential applicant or current tenant is a registered sex offender. This article will address what actions landlords can and cannot take to protect themselves and other tenants without violating Megan’s Law and fair housing laws.

4)  Threatening and Violent Residents: Keeping The Workplace Safe from Violence (2007) by Tamara Cross

Article Preview: April 2007 was a landmark month for violence in the workplace.  I thought an appropriate topic to address in an article would be resident threats or abusive behavior towards management and other community employees.

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